Board of Directors

The following people are presently voluntarily serving on our Board:

  • Mr. Garland Miles (President)
  • Dr. Cary Kimbrell (V. President)
  • Mr. David Dill (Treasurer)
  • Mrs. Gail Hilbun (Secretary)
  • Mrs. Carolyn Holifield
  • Mr. Al Moore
  • Mr. Steven Morgan
  • Mr. Greg Baldwin
  • Mr. John Ripley

Garland Miles (President)

The Christian Food Mission is, just as the name implies, truly a Christian based organization that is dependent upon God for its day to day operation. Paid staff members are few but volunteers are many and we all enjoy seeing the faces of those who receive meals each weekday. For many of them we are the only visit they will receive that day. A friendly smile, a few kind words and sometimes a prayer and we are on our way to the next recipient, being reminded of what Jesus said "when you did it to the least of these my brethren you did it unto Me".
It pleases me to serve on the board of an organization that relies on God for income, resources and blessings. We are still working from a rather old building which is in a less than desirable location. We look forward, with great expectation, to see how God will provide in our proposed new building project.

David Dill (Treasurer)

It has been my privilege to serve the Christian Food Mission as treasurer. I am always amazed to see how God works through the hearts of people to give their time and money to this ministry so it can continue to feed the needy in our area both physically and spiritually. We walk by faith depending on God daily to meet the financial needs of the mission. The Mission has no financial reserves nor debt, and has always been able to pay its bills.
Please remember this ministry in your prayers.