Board of Directors

The following people are presently voluntarily serving on our Board:

  • Mr. Steve Thrash (President)

  • Mr. David Dill (Treasurer)
  • Rev. Gerald Henderson (Secretary)
  • Mr. Al Moore
  • Mr. Chuck May
  • Mr. Greg Baldwin 
  • Mr. Jonathan Strickler
  • Dr. Charles Boone
  • Jordan Graves
  • Michelle Parker
  • Mr. Greg Brown (ex-officio)

Mr. Steve Thrash (President)

"I am always amazed by GOD’s work when we totally rely on him. When we completely follow HIS will our needs are met. The Mission has been able to feed and minister to those in need for many years. I am thankful for all the volunteers who give of their time and talents. Please continue to pray for the Mission and its work."

Mr. David Dill (Treasurer)

"It has been my privilege to serve the Christian Food Mission as treasurer. I am always amazed to see how God works through the hearts of people to give their time and money to this ministry so it can continue to feed the needy in our area both physically and spiritually. We walk by faith depending on God daily to meet the financial needs of the mission. The Mission has no financial reserves nor debt, and has always been able to pay its bills.
Please remember this ministry in your prayers."