The purpose for the establishment of CFM was, and is, to provide food for the needy and elderly and to effectively reach people with the truth of the Bible and the love of Jesus Christ. Locally, the structure of our organization facilitates the opportunity for ministry into diverse segments of society as prescribed by Scripture. Elderly widows and others in our community receive lunches each day; the able-bodied needy among us are required to work in return for repeated assistance; the strangers, including newly arrived Hispanics and others, are aided; the spiritually unregenerate are evangelized.

The philosophy which has developed at CFM operates from a foundation which is not only overtly Christian in witness but overtly biblical in principle. We have incorporated biblical methods into our work. Biblical principles such as work, gleaning, individual accountability, personal involvement, voluntary and unsolicited contributions, and responsibility to God are emphasized in all we do. It is our contention, that, as Christians, it is not only what we do but how and why we do it that matters.

CFM proceeds under the following two premises: (1) The responsibility to care for the poor and elderly according to Scripture lies, first, with the family and, second, with the Church. CFM should never function in such a way that we shield a client from a church, nor do we wish to reduce or supercede the family’s or church’s role in these areas. (2) CFM volunteers are volunteers solely in ministry for Jesus Christ.

CFM is dependent on churches and Christian individuals for its very existence. The ministry can, in reality, do only as much as the churches and Christian volunteers, through their financial and physical support allow us to do. Please pray for us as we walk in faith with Jesus Christ.