Distribution of meals and visitation to the elderly, especially widows

We have found there to be a great need among the elderly, who are physically hindered, for a meal delivery service and visitation to them. Volunteers distribute meals Monday through Friday to the homes of the elderly. The elderly are screened and interviewed through an initial home visit before delivery is begun. Decisions are made regarding eligibility based on deteriorating health and lack of assistance during the day for potential clients.

Distribution of grocery orders to needy households

Over 50 churches cooperate to maintain a food bank housed at CFM through regular congregational food drives. To receive assistance, a client must visit a church to explain his or her need and procure a letter requesting assistance. Assistance beyond a 5-day period must be earned by the client reporting to work at CFM or another site. Persons may continue to return for work one day each week to earn subsequent 7-day allotments as they work toward resolution of unemployment.

Distribution of Bibles, tracts, booklets, and other Christian materials

Quantities of Christian material are distributed regularly. A variety of printed materials, appropriate for those with whom we regularly come into contact, is received by donation, is written and printed at cost by the Mission, or is purchased. We have found much use for large print devotional guides and booklets, Scripture portions in English and Spanish, and conversion stories which glorify God. Tracts and booklets dealing with the topics of prayer, sickness, and evangelism are freely made available.

Accepting speaking opportunities to preach, teach, and evangelize

Each morning at the Mission a “time of devotion”, including prayer and a message, is held. Those who are working for groceries, sentenced to community service, enrolled in TANF (welfare reformed), Boy Scouts, youth groups, regular volunteers, etc. attend. We are frequently asked to speak at civic clubs and churches and other places. Of course, we have the opportunity to be involved in many individual conversations and offer prayer as many clients are interviewed weekly for meals or groceries.

Promotion of prayer, faith, and relationships among Christians

It is our purpose to motivate the Christian community to accomplish a work for Christ by bringing believers together. At the Mission, Christians from different churches have the opportunity to build relationships with one another and with our clients. It is our purpose to encourage prayer and faith among believers as well. These are reasons why we publish detailed newsletters, maintain a web site, and print a unique calendar.

Support of select local and foreign missionaries

We consistently contribute foods to other local Christian ministries as excess is received through donations. We supply quantities of Christian literature to other organizations for their use and distribution. Through remarkable circumstances, we have been able to financially assist other works as the Lord has supplied. We network with other groups and make referrals.