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Moving to Moose Drive: How God Provided Property for a New Beginning

Conceptual Floor Plan and Existing Building

Success in the Past (Amid Challenges)

We have been successful in providing the services we set out to deliver to our clients, namely the operation of an extensive meal delivery distribution and the administration of a food bank for Jones County, Mississippi. In conjunction with these physical services we have realized countless opportunities for visitation, counseling, and emotional and spiritual support.

Of course this has not been accomplished without challenges to overcome. For examples, we have had to deal with inadequate parking and heavy congestion at certain times of the day; we are located on a dead-end street. We have no private meeting room of any kind in our building and we do not have adequate office space for our staff’s use.

Nevertheless, we’ve had remarkable success and feel uniquely blessed in our labors.

Sustained into the Present (Amid Limitations)

We have been sustained by a stream of unsolicited financial support, food donations, and a host of volunteers without interruption. It has been necessary to be both wise and frugal with the use of our limited resources; we have been recipients of God’s graciousness as we’ve been faithful to do His work. We have earned an excellent reputation in the community by providing needed services, working with diligence, and seeking no publicity for ourselves.

It is obvious that we are hampered in realizing our full potential due to limitations. We are cramped, due to inadequate space, when asked to receive groups who want to visit or serve. We have no room large enough to comfortably receive a group visiting us for information. We have no place to even seat a small group; we have no dining room to serve guests who are involved in community programs or service projects. We must limit student and youth groups who desire to assist due to lack of space.

With these shortcomings, we’ve consistently received individuals and little groups who ask us to be a part of what we are doing.

Securing a Future Vision (And Growth)

We need a dining/meeting hall where groups may be received for presentations, for luncheons, and for instruction. We need a conference room for staff and Board meetings, and for other private discussions. We need additional and secluded offices for daily use. We need additional kitchen and food preparation areas to more easily receive larger numbers of workers.

In short, we need another building at another location! This is necessary in order to perpetuate our work into the future.

With adequate facilities and parking in a better location, we are confident we will attract more volunteers, interest, and support. We will be able to encourage groups to visit and have a more pleasant experience. We will be able to receive larger groups who want to serve. We will have the facilities and staff to cultivate service projects, internship programs, and other in-house activities.

Stating the Obvious (And More)

We’re going to re-locate to another building on Moose Drive in Laurel. Why are we doing this now? The timing is right. After more than 30 years of uninterrupted operation, we are providing services that are badly needed and no one else is making available. We have matured in our thinking and understanding of the community. We desire to perpetuate this work and believe this to be the only way to do so. It is time.

We Solicit Only Your Prayers

We trust this explanation and vision will be used of God to impress upon people to contribute as they feel led. We are doing this for His glory and for no other reason.